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New Boston Bakery May 24

New Boston Bakery - front windowJim Souza established New Boston Bakery in 1992; here customers are offered freshly baked goods with a smile and a gesture of good tidings.  Jim credits his mom, who passed away recently, with many great ideas for the bakery. Today, his dad and sister Gail still contribute to the bakery’s success. Jim also employs additional staff who pleasantly service the customers to make them feel right at home.  Six years ago, John Kandalaft joined the team as chef. He diligently prepares lunches from the regular menu, as well as creating daily specials, which in my opinion are always delicious. Nothing beats John’s chili or his beef stew on a cold winter day!

New Boston Bakery Display CaseThe bakery provides a warm  cozy atmosphere for patrons to satisfy their appetites. Jim recently added an enclosed sunroom that was much needed to service the lunchtime crowd. The sunroom is open year round and offers a lovely view of the garden and the quaint outdoor lawn decorations, which are tastefully scattered about the yard. In addition to the yard decor, Jim always decorates for the holidays but definitely outdoes himself at Christmas. His decorations belong on the cover of House Beautiful. Once again, a setting that provides a warm snuggly feeling for those who feast on any of his tantalizing delights.

New Boston Bakery - open signFrom muffins, turnovers, and cookies to cream filled pastries the baked goods are a delight.  While I enjoy all the desserts, my personal favorite is the German chocolate brownie, which I highly recommend.  In addition, the muffins, especially the apple walnut, serve as special breakfast treats. Jim also bakes cakes, cupcakes, and other delicacies upon request. However, if lunch is what you are craving, the luncheon items are sensational– from salads and  wraps to soups and sandwiches there are a myriad of choices that should satisfy all appetites.

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    This is a great write up of the bakery! I love this place and eat there on the regular. The sunroom is very welcoming and a great place to enjoy a nice lunch. One of my favorite sandwiches is the “cool ranch wrap;” I highly recommend it! I once ordered a cake from there that was also amazing! The bakery is a great place to eat!

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    Cindi Con 

    I have gone here one time and any time I am any where near it again, I wouldn’t hesitate to go! Yummy yummy food!