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Lodging, Fine Dining, and Kite Flying May 31

Getaway from the city and rejuvenate the child in you. Whether you gather a few friends or share a relaxing day with a special loved one, Newport transports you to an era of  youth.

My husband and I chose to stay overnight for this getaway. While there are many options for lodging in Newport, I chose to stay at the Newport Marriott. I made the reservation online and requested an upper floor; I was pleased to find that upon check-in my floor request was honored. The room, comfortable and clean, had all the amenities one would expect from a larger hotel chain. The hotel also offers several vacation packages. We chose a package which included breakfast, so time wouldn’t be wasted in the morning searching for an outside restaurant. The breakfast that comes with the package is the buffet. I personally am not a fan of buffets; I must say, however, the buffet selections were similar to eating off the menu, and the food was fresh and satisfying.

Upon our arrival at the Marriott, we opted for valet service to park the car. This was a wise choice, since everything we chose to do that evening was within walking distance of the hotel. It was also a beautiful evening for a stroll along Newport Harbor. Our stroll led to Bowen’s Wharf where we decided to dine. I highly recommend 22 Bowen’s Wine Bar & Grille for an exceptionally delightful dinner. We shared the fried calamari for an appetizer, and this dish was cooked to perfection. Our entrees were just as delectable. I enjoyed the delmonico steak which I ordered medium, and to my satisfaction that is precisely the way it was served. Finally, someone knows the meaning of cooking a steak medium. My husband ordered the salmon, and he was just as satisfied. The restaurant also offers an extensive wine menu. Our waiter offered a wine suggestion at my request. I must say, he was absolutely right in his recommendation. After dinner, we were too full for dessert. Even though the carrot cake sounded delicious, we decided that a walk would be a better choice.  Thinking back, I wish I had sampled the carrot cake…next time.

Kite flyingAfter a good nights sleep and a full tummy, we set off to enjoy the day. This is the part of the getaway, which as I said, would rejuvenate the child in you. We drove to the stretch of land commonly known as 10 mile drive and parked the car at Brenton Point State Park, which is right across from the ocean. After parking the car, we removed a couple of chairs from the trunk and pulled out a kite that I had  bought from Bikes & Kites on an earlier excursion. I hadn’t flown a kite since our children were small; I though what great fun it would be to spend a relaxing afternoon flying a kite while sitting by the water. The adventure was indeed great fun except for one small issue: wind.  Who would have thought that the wind velocity would have been virtually non-existent by the ocean? Try as we might, the kite was never in the air for more than a few seconds.  Nonetheless, we enjoyed the afternoon and amused ourselves in our desperate attempts to keep the kite aloft. Alas, we will return again but not before checking the forecast for wind speed.

Brenton Point State Park is also the ideal place for packing a picnic, and there are even grills should someone choose to barbecue. The picnic sounds great, but personally, I really don’t think I  would grill there, for me that would not be GetawayFun.

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    Stephanie M 

    Sounds like a great getaway! I love 22 Bowens and also Brenton Point! I cannot believe there was no wind! It is usually always perfect to fly a kite! On the weekends they often have kite clubs there with some amazing kites!