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Dunbar Tea Shop Apr 30

Dunbar Tea HouseThe Dunbar Tea Shop offers a  quaint, soothing atmosphere enriched with gracious hospitality. The original establishment features  the warmth of a fireplace, an intimate atmosphere for those chilly winter days. The recent addition of a sunroom enables patrons to dine while enjoying sunlight streaming in from the outside. Regardless of which room you choose, an unexceptional delight awaits.

Upon entering the Tea Shop, customers approach the gift shop which is adorned  with everything from individual teas to elegant tea services. There are even tea sets for young children. An unusual gift for a small child who enjoys playing make believe.

Dunbar fireplace

While the Tea Shop is often quite busy, there is an unusual calmness as one sips a pot of tea while savoring an item from either the basic menu or maybe enjoying one of the daily specials. Whatever you choose, the luncheon is more than adequate and leaves little room for a mouthwatering pastry. These desserts, like all the other food items, are made fresh on the premises. Even if there is no room for dessert, I definitely recommend taking a treat home for later. These sumptuous pastries are displayed in both dining areas, as well as in the gift shop.

My personal recommendation for lunch is a Cumberland Crumpet Melt accompanied by a pot of Chamomile tea. All luncheons are adorned with a mix of fresh greens and fruits. The salad greens and fresh fruits are a perfect compliment to an already tasty sandwich.

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